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Do I have social anxiety?
I’m fourteen years old and recently I have been worrying about my mental health. When I’m presented with a social situation such as. having to approach a stranger and tell them to do something, knocking on someone’s door, talking to shop assistants, having to change clothes in front of parents, I often find myself unable to do so these things. I find myself experiencing things such as hot and cold flushes, racing heart, fiddling and just nerves in general. Occasionally afterwards I will also break down in a crying fit. I’ve been doing some research about social anxiety but I’m not quite sure yet. I experience some of the symptoms and hints they suggest could mean I have it, but other things seem too extreme for what I’m experiencing. Im just not sure, and if I do have some from of social anxiety what should I do about it?
To vote Yes or No on Marriage Equality?
This whole Yes and No campaign has really got me fired up. I will be voting Yes as I truly believe in #marriageequality. What I don't like however is people being crucified for the beliefs and wanting to vote no. Israel Folau is a perfect example of this. He tweeted his stance on the matter and his beliefs and has been publicly crucified on twitter and every other social platform and in the media. When I heard about the priest who was spat on in the Queen Street Mall that also infuriated me. I understand both sides are very passionate but please. This is Australia and what we are renowned for is our acceptance of other cultures and beliefs. If people who have strong connections with their religions and beliefs want to vote no, then that is their right.
Mental health
No Justice in Australian Sentencing Policies
Cole Miller, Hemi Goodwin-Burke, Eunji Ban. Three victims of unimaginable cowardly attacks and now their families are left devastated because of our weak as piss justice system in this country and especially QLD. Time and time again I read the paper or listen to the news and am blown away by the lack of punishment for perpetrators in this country. It seems as though the whole system is backwards and supports the accused and punishes the victims. Ms Ban's killer's trail has been abandoned because of his metal state, WTF?? He is on trail for bashing a young girl to death and our system let's him off because of his current mental state? Hemi's killers sentence is downgraded because the prosecuter said it would be hard to prove intent and he had a duty to save the court's time and money. What an absolute disgrace this is. I can't imagine how angry the grieving parents, families and friends are. These laws are not protecting the community and we demand tougher sentencing in this country. It isn't about saving the court's time and money, or rehabilitation, it's about punishment for your crimes. No justice in Australia and it needs to change. We have so many nanny state laws but when it comes to real crimes we are a laughing stock. I was involved in a case in England where the accused was sentenced to 14 life sentences for the rape of 14 victims. Sadly here in Australia the same crime would probably get a minimal sentence and the accused would be out on parole and released back into the community to wreak havoc such as Adrian Bayley in Melbourne who raped and killed ABC worker Jill Meagher. How many chances do we give these criminals. This must stop and the community demands justice for the victims and families. It's time our state governments got tough on sentencing.
Chronic Pain- Help is out there
Having worked in the field of chronic pain (or persistent pain as it's now called) for 20 years I know that many people suffer needlessly. Pain Specialists are in every state across the land and are a wonderful resource. If you have chronic pain, and you're getting nowhere seek the services of a Chronic Pain Specialist
Son making me nervous
My 16 year old son has me a little worried and confused on how to proceed after this incident. Three days ago I did what I needed to do at work and came home early only to find my son having sexual intercourse with a girl in our living room. At first I couldn't really believe it so I was shocked and didn't know what to do. The girl looked at me and didn't say anything at first as if she was frozen too. It wasn't until my son saw me and yelled at me to get out of the house and used profanity as well that I left the house. I heard further swearing from my son and screams of panic from the girl. Not knowing what to do I decided to just get in my car and drive for about 20-30 minutes in hopes that the girl would have left. When I came back my son and the girl were nowhere to be seen and a note was left on the fridge saying that he was going to the gym. As I said this happened three days ago and we have not spoken about it. He comes home from school and goes straight to his room and eats dinner in quiet and goes back to his room. Being a single parent I am kind of on my own here and would appreciate some advice on how to tackle this situation in hopes that we can move forward. I understand that sex is a natural and beautiful thing but I am just a little worried that my son might not see it like that as the swearing and doing it in the living room on a school night would suggest. Any advice would be appreciated.