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I have a bit of a medical emergency happening, is this the correct place to be asking questions?

No, do not use our website for an emergency. In case of medical emergency please contact emergency services. Australia – dial 000 and ask for Ambulance. No information, product or service available on our website, or other online forums, is intended for the use of diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition.

I can’t remember my password, how do I reset it?

Click here to reset your password.

What type of topics can I post about?

Everyone has something they’d like to talk to someone in the same boat about. Here you can speak openly and anonymously in the confidence that those you connect with understand what you’re going through and how you feel.
Obviously we want everyone using the site to have a positive experience so any posts we and the Same Boat community deem to be harmful or offensive will be removed or amended.

Is there a moderator that monitors posts on the forum?


Like many forums Same Boat relies on its community to flag offensive or inappropriate posts. Flagged posts are brought to our attention and removed if we feel it does not conform with our policies or values.

Is it ok to ask questions on this site about someone I know?

Not by name, no.
Same Boat affords our community anonymity so they can speak openly about any issue or concern.
“Outing” an individual by name is not permitted.
Any posts found to include a person’s name will be deleted.

I would prefer not to use my real name when I post questions on your forum, is this OK?

We would encourage everyone using our platform to create a Same Boat user name.

Is it OK to give medical advice on your forum if I have a similar problem to a question posted and my doctor has given me the advice?

No. Even if a doctor has provided you with a diagnosis, you shouldn’t give medical advice to another person even if their situation seems similar to yours. Only a qualified medical practitioner may give medical advice. It is ok to share your experiences and share what advice you have been given as it relates to you.

I feel that the response someone posted is unnecessarily rude, what should I do?

Flag it!
Simply tap on the three dots and pick which descriptor you feel relates to the post in question.

The response posted to my question is abusive, what should I do?

Flag it!

We want your experience to be a positive and helpful one.. Should someone’s reply upset or hurt you for any reason flagging it will bring it to our attention whereupon we can respond appropriately.

Where can I find more information about supporting a friend with depression?

There are many support groups for anyone suffering depression. Organisations such as Beyond Blue and The Black Dog Institute offer a range of support services for those directly, or indirectly affected by depression and/or anxiety,

What do I do if I see someone post on the forum that they have been a victim of a crime eg sexual assault? What if that person appears to be a minor?

Contact the police or appropriate authority who may work directly with a victim or help by way of a referral to an organisation focussed on the specific situation.

What if I see someone post about their intention to self-harm or suicide? What if that person appears to be a minor?

Same Boat is here to support and encourage people with the same lived experience, or indeed, anyone with empathy for another human being.

Supporting people in crisis is all our platform and it’s users can do. Should someone express an inclination to self harm your encouragement and support may make a world of difference.

Welcome aboard!
We hope you find someone in the same boat with whom you can share your story, and that together you can navigate your way through the issue.