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Loosing your mother+ Complete Changed life at 18

I have lost my mother only 2 months ago I use to I've in Adelaide where I lived with my mother. I have 6 other siblings and I am the youngest the rest are all independent but. Am the only dependant one left at 18 and so because of it I had to go live with my father in Brisbane, I have lost my mother, my house, my pets, my furniture, most of my belongings, some clothes. I sat with my mother at the hospital throughout the past 2 days not sleeping, I joined in in the organ donor decision as she died at a young age and didn't have a will so as a family we had to decide I carried her at her funeral to her spot which was the hardest to do as I saw how deep the hole was. I am still grieving and I am not coping sometimes at my new job as I see people that look just like mum and I'm living with my dad's partner too who has very weird ways of living which is ok but i am finding it tough to adapt sometimes. Had anyone else lost there mother st a young age? How did you feel? did you do things to help you cope?? :)
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I lost my mum young too- I was 17 and like your mum my mum was young and she died suddenly. Too say it was a shock is an understatement, it was awful. One day she was there and the next she was gone. I also left home to move towns for study 3 months later. How did I cope? I have never really thought about it but looking back I did cry a lot and when I missed her I used to talk to her. It sounds weird but it helped. I also found that talking about her to other people helped. When I did it kept her real and not forgotten. I have been lucky- I had a good relationship with my mum, she loved me and she helped me become the person I am. I suspect reading your post that you may also have been lucky and this will help in times to come. Keep her in your memories and the day will come when it won't hurt so much. Don't be afraid either to talk to someone professional if you feel you need too. My sister who was younger than me did but it took her years to do so. I hope this helps in some way. Take care and be kind to yourself.
Hey! A wow thank you for sharing with that with me.

Yeah, my mum died very suddenly she had a bleed to the brain she only felt a headache as she went unconscious luckily. I know she is still with me which reassures by me. I believe in spirits and my family we very connected to that stuff so I get signs from her all the time she loves burning outthe candle I brought her lol. Yeah I cry a lot. I am actually scared I am going to forget sometning about Mum so I’ve written memories down on my phone whenever I think of them and I’m goinf to write them in the memorial book where people have written that knew Mum in and as her newspaper spot in it, her writing, u also write about my day every day im a journal so then I can look back at it a year later. I like talking about her I don’t feel sad talking ahit her cause I am basically ‘celebrating her life’ although cause I had moved states I don’t know anyone except my dad and his partner so it’s hard to talk about my Mum as I don’t know how they will react as they know I am grieving. Cause Mum was a organ donator I have free counciling I am able to take which I am doing and I find it helpful. I just feel very isolated and alone living here in a different state as my boyfriend is somewhere else and I don’t know anyone. And as in a teen at 18 I am at the age where I want to explore new places, have fun with people my age I nevertheless had the opportunity to do that yet as Mum was a bit protective of life basically feels like it’s on hold till I get my license, meet people etc.
I have had a encounter where I was working and I saw a women look just like Mum walk past me and I went into a panic mode as my brain was rereminded she’s gone and that it’s not her it wasn a stab in the heart I couldn’t breath properly or anything so that the hardest part I am dealing wth right now and the fact that all my csntimenal belongings are in adelaide and I really hope they are safe. As I have had stuff that’s of my belongings being chucked outed and offers to people as my sisters and brothers thought it was mums it was heart breaking. I’ve lost a lot of things that are important to me. I know though that I will be ok in the long run, I just really miss my mum, my boyfriend, my pets, my house, my old room, my stuff, my clothes, my friends, my job, my dancing, etc this is not the first time I have had to restart my life as I have moved from primary school to high school where I moved stayed with Mum while Dad stayed back which is why I’ve moved back here cause Dad is here
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I'm so sorry to hear your story and to be honest I don't know what I can say that might help. The good thing is that ur talking about it. I know what it's like to lose your mum. My mum died too young.
I know she would have wanted you to have a good life. That's going to be hard whilst ur still in pain but I hope someday soon u can remember her life more than her passing.
Keep talking, it helps.
Thank you, somedays are hard but some days are good. The fact that I've moved interstate and starting a whole new chapter is exciting but my life feels like it's kind of been put on hold with my boyfriend who lived in adelaide we are a long distance relationship but it's all working well. Thought I would post to see other people's situations and if many have lost a parent young. But yeah everything is slowly getting better I created a memorial for mum in Adelaide for everyone who knew her as her funeral was in mount gambier. And I used a book for people t check in and write whatever they want and I am going to put other things in there like memories of mum, a picture of mum, her writing, the newspaper with the fuenral etc :)