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Having anxiety makes me feel boring

I have had anxiety issues for a while and now I feel like I don't even want to go outside. When I hang out with people I try really hard not to say or do anything embarrassing but then I end up being awkward and quiet, which is even more embarrassing in the end. I can't see a reason why anyone would even want to hang out with me.

What should I do?
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Having anxiety does not make you boring, it can just take a bit of extra effort to manage. If it's getting to the point where you're afraid to leave your house or hang out with friends, then I would suggest speaking to your GP or mental health professional about treatment options.
Otherwise, I would just make an effort to try and stop being so hard on yourself. Everyone, whether they like it or not, makes embarrassing mistakes. For instance, I am one of the most awkward people I know and I do embarrassing things on the daily. However, when I talk to other people about the embarrassing things I've done they either didn't even notice or don't think it's that big of a deal. Most of the time it's all in our heads. So try not to let your negative self-talk tear you down. We're all individuals with stories and experiences, that I can promise the right kind of people will find interesting.
If you constantly feel like you are going to embarrass yourself, maybe you should have a look at the people you are hanging out with. If you do say something embarrassing and everyone makes fun of you, then they aren't really your friends. If the people you are with are comfortable with you, then you should be comfortable with them!

If you do say something embarrassing its ok! We all do! The ones who matter don't mind and the ones who mind don't matter!