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I watched a movie/doco recently called 'Embrace' about a woman who posted a before pic (when she was a body builder) and an after pic (after she had kids). The photo got 100 million hits and sparked a global conversation about body image. We're always being told to love the way we are but when the media photo shops someone who is already beautiful ('perfect') it sets an impossible standard. We are all measured and judged by how close (or far from) that ideal we are. Maybe we're heading to a time where body diversity is embraced, or maybe it's been like this forever.
I struggle to like my body even though everyday it allows me to live. I wish I could celebrate rather than criticize my body. I'm sure there are lots of people in the same boat (and even more drowning under the weight of self loathing). If that's you please reach out to me and the others who want to stop comparing and start liking the way we are.
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HI Colo63, you are absolutely right about how much pressure is put on women ( and increasingly men), around body image.
One of my thoughts is that we should stop buying women's magazines that perpetuate these stereotypes, they are full of young women who obviously spend vast sums of money and time on how they look. Most of us do not have the means and time to do this. This can leave some women feeling 'ugly' or a failure.
I think the media as a whole, are dishonest when they say to 'love the way you are' but then go crazy over some 'celebrity' who meets the so called standards around beauty, weight etc.
I struggled with this for years during my teens and working life and now at the age of 65, look back with regret at how badly I treated myself because I believed I was not attractive or desirable. I hope you don't have to wait as long as I did , to get it. I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to stop beating myself up and comparing myself disfavourably to other women. Good luck!