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Fat-shaming: Since When Did My Weight Become Everyone Else's Problem?

I've been on the bigger-end of the scales for most of my adult life but I've never really minded. I love my body and it allows me to achieve great things. However, everyone seems to have their own opinion on it. The girls at work are constantly trying to get me to try their new diets. My sister is forever trying to get me to pay $$$ for weight loss supplements or a gym membership. And boys are always telling me how much beautiful I'd be if I just "lost a few kilos." I'm fed up with it!! It's my body and it shouldn't be anyone else's concern. I eat healthy, balanced meals. I never restrict or binge. I work out daily by going to the gym and spends my weekends being active by climbing mountains or doing nature walks. I can't stress enough that I'm MY version of healthy but everyone's comments are really starting to tick me off. How do I nicely tell people to mind their own business?
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