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Parents Are Getting Divorced: Who Do I Live With?

After 15 years of marriage my parents have decided to seperate. I'm pretty upset about it....and I also don't know who to live with?! I get along with my Dad the most and have never really been close with my Mum at all so I was just going to live with him full-time. But my 3 sisters have all decided to live with my mum 3 out of 4 weeks every month. So if I decide to live with my Dad that would mean that I would only see them 1 week every month!! And to top it all off, my Dad is moving to a house that's over 40 minutes away. It sucks!! Plus I don't get my licence for another 2 years so I won't even be able to drive myself back and forth. Has anyone else been faced with a choice like this due to their parents splitting? I'm so lost....what should I do???
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Divorce can be messy and it can be even harder when there's kids involved. I would suggest asking your family to come together so that you can all discuss the future living situation. I would then express the problem you have with the situation, just as you have above. Your parents may not be able to make any drastic changes to their plans, but at least they and your siblings will know where you stand and how you're feeling. Keeping an open-communication line is important in coming to a solution that makes everyone happy.