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Social media: the new world

Every generation throughout history has seen change. In our generation the phone has fueled extraordinary change. So much so kids (in particular) are 'connected' 24/7.
As a parent I worry what effect this constant communication, comparison and criticism will have long and short term. Does anyone else share my concerns, and if so what can we do about it? Ask the kids and they probably won't see it as a problem, even when they're falling short of the filtered peer pics and stories they encounter day and night.
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Hey I am 18 and I do see a problem. I got my first phone a year ago, and during the time I didn't have a phone I felt very "disconnected" to everyone at school I felt "isolated" cause everything had each other's numbers Facebook etc if you ever wanted to do something with someone they will chat that way instead of verbally. So I did feel out of place for a bit but the good side without having a phone was that I enjoyed what the earth has to offer, the nature of it, etc. this generation lovw there electronics and I feel it's fine to chat on the phone but not when your with company, and I think some people especially when there young early teens use there phone inappropriately and can bully easier cause hey are behind a screen so they feel "safe", can send inapricate photos etc. The electronics we have are a great tool, but when they have it too young I feel it is being used to its advantage. Although I am one voice of any opinions