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I think my daughter is being bullied. Need help!

A few months ago, my daughter and I moved interstate for a work opportunity. I was hesitant about having her move schools as she is right at the age where it can be hard to fit in. I know how hard it was when I had to change schools as a kid, but she assured me she would be fine.

It was going well at first but last week a found a message on her phone from a girl at school. Usually I monitor her messages but since I started my new job I haven't had much time. In the message the girl called my daughter a slut and threatened her with violence. When I confronted my daughter she played down the situation, telling me it was a joke. I know its been a long time since I was a kid, but I certainly didn't talk to my friends that way. I have since asked her if she is being bullied or if she needs help and she tells me that she's fine, but it keeps weighing on my mind. I think I just feel guilty for moving and taking her away from her friends but what if she really does need my help?

Need some advice on how to deal with the situation!!
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I think the biggest thing is for your daughter to feel at ease and for you to trust her. It can be really hard as a parent to see your child get bullied and kids know this, so often they don't want to worry you. You should remind her that she can talk to you about anything, and assure her that you will only act on her permission. Alternatively, having a third party might help. Is there someone close to the family that she could talk to? A friend from back home or even the school councillor? If she is being bullied and doesn't feel comfortable talking to you, maybe she might feel comfortable talking to someone else.

It's important to remember she might not need a solution for whatever is going on, just someone to talk with.
This is not okay and does not sound like a joke. Depending on what state you reside in, it can actually be considered a criminal offence to intentionally frighten someone by threatening to hurt them. Making a threat to kill someone can carry a maximum penalty of 10 years in jail.

I would make an effort to sit down with your daughter and talk to her about how school is going. Ask if you can go through her phone together to avoid overstepping boundaries. If you find any material that you would consider a repeat offence of bullying, I would firstly explain to your daughter that this kind of behaviour is not acceptable and then proceed to take it to the school and/or police. (Depending on the seriousness)

To understand your rights when it comes to cyber-bullying, you can check out: