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How to handle your child being bullied?

I recently went to the skate park with my two sons. While my eldest son who is 4 was skating I was at the creek with my youngest son who is 1 supervising. My eldest son was set upon by a group of kids and became entangled in a malay where he was physically hit by another child. He came over to me very upset. I didn't see what had happened. I went over to the group of children that were involved but they quickly ran off while I was walking up towards them. Now, these kids were only 5 or 6 years old at best so my plan was to ask what happened and ask to see their parents. In this case, what do you do as a parent? I can't lecture or discipline someone's kid. I can't go scaring young kids who don't know right from wrong. I found myself to be very angry and full of rage that some kids had hurt my child while I wasn't there. I would like to know some strategies other parents use when their kids are bullied or harassed at the local park or school?
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