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Finding the Silver lining from Rumination

Obsessive thinking is one of the connection between Anxiety and Depression. Well if you’re no stranger with it, It’s the constant thinking repetitively over worries, drawbacks or mess. When people are depressed, running thoughts were commonly associated with being worthless. You can’t cease it, been witness to that. Can you break it? Well let me tell you this’ you can’t! As a caregiver for someone who needs high emotional support, A long chat over a shawarma plate is already a treat! & for someone who was diagnosed with clinical depression, dragging him out of the house is already a milestone.

Mishap happen when your husband doesn’t usually share, thus rumination occurs. You are most likely to remind a discouraged spouse that there is a silver lining as a way of cheering him up. An Intrusive thought can be savage, when remorse starts to build up – It’s time to action, otherwise depression will progress. The best thing that I can do, is to show him that he is worth the fight. Support him all the way which includes filtered news back home. Sometimes white lies can help & true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing. If I can only get half of his burden right now’ I’ll take it. Again, my husband is being acquainted with it recently & hand tremor is now joining the pack. His thought’s speed would probably end up to 4 ½ MPH. Silent screams is inevitable. I admire him for being determined and staying sharp whilst the storm.

This beautiful trauma called Depression, has purpose! it’s for us to stick around no matter what. So, here’s the silver lining to our latest battle with pain. The silver lining are some amazing people in our life. – family who never gives up & friends who take time to send encouraging messages. Life is a bittersweet & I won’t trade it to someone else.
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