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Do I have social anxiety?

I’m fourteen years old and recently I have been worrying about my mental health. When I’m presented with a social situation such as. having to approach a stranger and tell them to do something, knocking on someone’s door, talking to shop assistants, having to change clothes in front of parents, I often find myself unable to do so these things. I find myself experiencing things such as hot and cold flushes, racing heart, fiddling and just nerves in general. Occasionally afterwards I will also break down in a crying fit. I’ve been doing some research about social anxiety but I’m not quite sure yet. I experience some of the symptoms and hints they suggest could mean I have it, but other things seem too extreme for what I’m experiencing. Im just not sure, and if I do have some from of social anxiety what should I do about it?
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I have a son who is a bit younger than you and in the past had to deal with significant levels of anxiety. With much support from us his mum and dad he sought help. He has benefited greatly from the help he got and is unrecognisable as the worried boy he was. I wonder if maybe talking to or telling your own parents might help? It's likely they may suspect these things you are describing are a concern for you. In terms of what you may or may not have- you ask is it social anxiety? Only a professional can help advise you there but whatever it is it's having a negative impact on you. There is a lot of help out there and maybe your parents could help you find it?
Hey! I'm 18 It is normal to feel anxious it's a normal human emotion. I get anxious quite a lot especially when a problems happens it spikes up. I am the same when it comes to door knocking I hate it it takes me like 5 mins to actually knock on the door. That's normal, talking to shop assistants can also be sometimes intimidating.

Everyone feels different when they get anxious. The nerves you get are very common, the flushes I am not sure about and crying is a natural thing but depending how much you cry of these things might be a issue. I won't trust the symptoms on the internet cause it could be anyone writing them I surggest go to your local doctor or ask your mother.
If your a female it is normal to get anxious during puberty, self doubting because of social media, etc it's normal cause of your hormones. If your still unsure then I surggest to ask your mother and go to an appointment :) I hope it all helps
I used to be in the same boat then I went and got help. People think they have to be really mentally unwell to go see a psychiatrist. You don't have to have a serious injury to go see a Physio, so why not reach out to a therapist when ur struggling? It could be because that decision means admitting the problem to the outside world (and yourself) which can be really confronting.
Anxiety is a bully. Hiding or avoiding robs u of the chance to see that like most bullies he's more bark than bite. Try facing up to an anxiety provoking situation. If u can stick with it you'll see that the bully isn't as scary as it makes itself out to be.
U can overcome this, u just might need a little help to take the first step. That takes trust, so make sure u confide in someone u love, and who loves you back.