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Depression - a family story

My father suffered from depression. It took over his life, all enjoyment and happiness evaporated. I did not understand. It wasn't until depression caught me that I began to get some insight into what he had gone through. I was in my late thirties and my life was going well both personally and professionally, married with three beautiful kids. I don't remember when it started but all I remember is that one day I stopped liking myself. On the outside I was no different but on the inside I felt that I was a hollow man, I could only see my faults and limitations. I did not like the man in the mirror. It did not matter what other people thought only I knew the truth - I was weak, I was less than ordinary, it was no wonder that people looked down on me because I looked down on myself. Every day it was the same - my happiness had left - I went through the motions of life - pretended that all was well - smiled and laughed appropriately - did not complain or talk to anyone. I did not know what was happening to me. Depression is a fog that follows you around and ensures that all the colour in your life is obscured. It is hard to say how long I was in the fog - when I look back now I can see it was about 2 years. When the fog lifted and I could see the colour again I realized what had happened - I had suffered depression. Having come through it though has made me stronger - I am on guard and whenever I feel the wisps of cloud gathering waiting to envelop me I pull back and don't let the self doubt that we all feel from time to time take over. It has taken me thirty years to reveal these secrets. I am very happy with my life now. I hope this story help others to realise that we all have times when we doubt ourselves and talking about feelings is a sign of strength not weakness.
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