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Cheating for the greater good

(I'm not Zuckberg, just hopeful that he'll buy this username off me one day) My girlfriend of 2 years sent nudes to her ex. This guy suffers with depression and she tells me he was in a super dark place and flirted with him to stop him doing something serious. I know this guy really is depressed, we once had to go to his house because he was doing bad and I could tell he really wasn't faking it. She told me straight away and I think she really stopped him from doing something awful. But does that make this ok? Anyone ever been cheated on or just have advice?
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theres a borderline on being there for her ex and also doing things that can somewhat affect your relationship. Sending nudes will do jsut that. She has to guide him and help him get professional help. She can sit with him and help him but she should also realise that you are also affected with what actions she does cause it affects the relationship. I hope it all works out. Talk to her about it if your worried
Well now....nude pics may have cheered him up but they're not exactly 'therapy'. What this guy needs is professional help and she should realize that sending nudies may well bite her on her bare backside one day. It's noble and right that we should reach out to our friends when they are in need but there are people trained to help, who can prescribe medicines and therapies. I suspect they would not recommend nudies twice a day with food.