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Anger Management

Anger Affecting My Family Life

I’m a Dad of two great kids but I think I might have anger-management problems. When they do something silly, I go to tell them off but everything just escalates so quickly and I end up swearing and yelling at them. I end up going to the gym to work off some steam but it never seems to be enough. I blow up at them every few months and it always ends in tears. I’m afraid of what might happen if I let it go on any further. Do I need help? I don’t even know where to begin
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Working off a bit of steam at the gym can be a good way to channel any anger that you're experiencing. However, it seems like you're not addressing the core root of the problem. Are your kids really the source of your anger or is something else in your life not going quite right? Try digging a little deeper and addressing the problems causing your frustration. You may be surprised at how much your mood and tolerance with your children improves.