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To vote Yes or No on Marriage Equality?

This whole Yes and No campaign has really got me fired up. I will be voting Yes as I truly believe in #marriageequality. What I don't like however is people being crucified for the beliefs and wanting to vote no. Israel Folau is a perfect example of this. He tweeted his stance on the matter and his beliefs and has been publicly crucified on twitter and every other social platform and in the media. When I heard about the priest who was spat on in the Queen Street Mall that also infuriated me. I understand both sides are very passionate but please. This is Australia and what we are renowned for is our acceptance of other cultures and beliefs. If people who have strong connections with their religions and beliefs want to vote no, then that is their right.
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You’re right. People have every right to believe what they want. However, that right isn’t protection from ridicule. Bad ideas such as a religion that causes people to infringe on the rights of others is a bad idea that should be publicly challenged. That is how society progresses.

Don’t fall into the same trap we did here in the U.S. Don’t confuse “everyone has the right to their opinion” with “all opinions are equal” or “all opinions are worthy of respect”. That’s how you end up with Donald Trump as your president.
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Well said. As a father and brother to a gay son and sibling I am a passionate advocate for marriage equality.
At 54 years old I come from a generation where homosexuality was kept locked in the closet. As such I like everyone else of my vintage need to get used to gay people showing love in public the way hetro couples do. For the next generation being gay is like being left handed, no big deal. I'm sure we'll look back on this current debate as we now look back with disbelief over women being denied a vote.
Let's embrace everyone (even those who will vote no).
Love is love and in that regard, we're all in the same boat!