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Do I have a gambling problem? I'm only 18

A few months ago I turned 18 and my good friend took me to the casino for the first time. It was meant to be a nice night of celebration...nothing too serious but we ended up winning unbelievably big and it turned it a massive night. After that evening, we continued to go back any spare chance we got. Sure we would lose some games, but overall we would always walk out winners!! We always split the profits down the middle and I've been able to buy some great stuff with it. However, recently when we've gone in, we've started to lose more and more, and my friends always bails. I told him if we stick it out long enough we'll eventually be winners again but he doesn't believe me and accused me of having a problem! So I told him to get lost and the last few times I've only been going back in by myself. I'm still on my losing streak and have started to dig into some money I had put aside for travel/study but I'm convinced if I keep at it, I'll start winning again. I'm not going in as frequently as we used to (once a week) and I still think it's a bit of fun, so it's not actually an addiction right? But if you think that it is, what should I do about it??? Thanks...
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Hi there, it sounds like what started out as a little bit of harmless fun has turned into something a bit more serious for you. After experiencing my own problems with gambling, I would highly recommend checking out this link: Lifeline provides you with the signs that may suggest have a problem, as well as what steps you can take to overcome your addiction. Good luck!